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CTA Training Event – Building for Live Broadcasting (CCTV)

The day long workshop will be facilitated by Dave Whelan and Liam
MacCarthaigh and will cover the following topics:

  • Type of uplink (transmission type) to be used

Advantages and disadvantages of terrestrial and Internet transmission
including MMDS, Satellite Uplink, Digital UHF and broadband Internet.

  • Preparing the location for the type of programme to be broadcast

Including a recce at the venue with the programme producer, director and
technical manager to decide on camera positioning OB positioning etc.
Necessary contacts at the venue to ensure quick decision-making on the
set-up positions.

  • Necessary personnel

Amount of people needed on the day including camera operators, sound, vision
mixers, graphics, technical, producer and director etc.

  • Necessary equipment

The OB unit, big or small. Monitoring, talkback, graphics, VTR

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