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Sweet Memories Celebrated

Northern Visions celebrated its Arts & Older People project with tenants of Mullan Mews and Sydenham Court (Clanmil Supported Housing Schemes for people with dementia) and older people from Northern Visions volunteer groups, in December 2012 at a film screening of “Sweet Memories” at Queens Film Theatre, Belfast. The film, “Sweet Memories”, is now available to view online.

The project is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


Mullan Mews and Sydenham Court are bespoke supported housing schemes developed in partnership with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. The design and ethos of these supported housing schemes, where the needs and choices of the tenant is central, is key to providing a unique housing option. A significant feature is the application of assistive technology to promote independence and support based on individual assessments.The on-going project with Northern Visions focuses on reminiscence therapy and delivers a fully participative artistic process with the aim of developing new standards, giving people with dementia and allied professionals ways of seeing beyond a diagnosis.

Lillian Murphy, Tenant at Mullan Mews said that “I have really enjoyed watching the film, an afternoon to remember!”

Simon Wood, Chairperson of Northern Visions said that “As a community media organisation, we strive to place the emphasis of our work on how to maximise involvement with the community. Having such supportive relationships with Clanmil, the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and our many wonderful volunteers, really makes the projects undertaken both very special and in this case, pioneering”.

Sinead Hyndman, Housing Support Worker at Mullan Mews said that “We are continually looking for ways for our tenants to participate in activities, whilst remaining in their community. Building relationships has priority over products in the development, implementation and evaluation of the projects.  Participation in these activities with northern Visions has brought empowerment to tenants’ lives and has had a positive impact on their well-being. We have all really enjoyed our experience at the QFT and we hope to repeat it very soon with the sequel!”

The project was shortlisted for the UK Housing Awards 2012.



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