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New project with Mullan Mews

A new Northern Visions digital media project has commenced with Mullan Mews, the award winning  supported housing scheme in East Belfast  which focuses on the design of the environment and support provided is to compensate for the disability caused by dementia, and St. Vincent’s, a Special School for pupils experiencing Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.

The project is exploring the work of  the architect and politician Charles Lanyon in Belfast. Lanyon was elected Mayor of Belfast in 1862 and Conservative MP for the city between 1865 and 1868.

The first of a number of historical tours over the next four months began at Sinclair Seaman’s Presbyterian Church, located on Corporation Square in Sailortown.

Previous projects have won awards for pioneering digital media in therapeutic support, including the national EROSH Innovation & Good Practice Award. EROSH is the national consortium for older people’s housing and support.


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